30% of GOP Voters Support Bombing Agrabah — Yes, That's the Country From 'Aladdin'


Public Policy Polling doesn't usually throw trick questions into its polls. But in the North Carolina-based fim's latest GOP survey, wedged between a question on Japanese-American internment camps and political orientation, was this brain-bender: 

"Would you support or oppose the bombing of Agrabah?" 

Thirty percent of respondents said they would support the action, 13% opposed, 57% weren't sure and more than a few people were duped. Agrabah is the fictional setting of Disney's Aladdin.

Yes, 30% of respondents would like to drop shells on the home of Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, the lovable monkey Abu and that grating Gilbert Gottfried parrot. 

Not only did the response expose a bias among Republican voters, who supported the attack of a country based presumably on the sound of its name, but they went after the only blockbuster movie to ever feature an Arab protagonist. Ever.

When PPP asked Democrats the same question, voters opposed bombing Agrabah 36 to 19. Admittedly, those 19 stray votes are also concerning. Nonetheless, Twitter users had fun with the results.

To be fair — and we want to be fair — perhaps the voters were upset by a line in Aladdin's opening song that was deemed Islamophobic and removed from subsequent releases. But the rest of the poll's data is even more alarming, and it carries the added threat of real-world consequences. Forty-six percent of respondents gave the thumbs-up to a national database of Muslims, and 26% agreed Islam should be illegal in the U.S. 

Genie, we need you!