Chris Brown "Little More (Royalty):" Lyrics and Meaning of Song From New Album


On Friday, American R&B star Chris Brown released his seventh studio album, Royalty, sending some Brown fans into a tizzy on Twitter and others racing to stream the 18-track album via Spotify. Though the album takes its name from Royalty, Brown's one-year-old daughter, some critics were quick to point out that the album's content rarely lands on Brown's fatherhood and rather settles more concretely on sexier subjects, namely sex. Yet one song, "Little More (Royalty)," is a clear tribute to Brown's daughter. Responding to the track, which came accompanied with a touching music video, Brown fans are beside themselves.

"Wake me up before you go, oh I need a little more," Brown sings on the track. "Just a little more, a little more of your love/ Wake me up before you go, oh I need a little more/ Just a little more, a little more of your love."

"Oh I need a jumpstart, when you call me, I'm running to you," Brown continues. "Gimme a headstart, thank God, gonna have me like hallelujah/ Even though I'm a man girl, you making me feel like a baby/ Oh girl when you lay in my arms, I'll take advantage of the moment/ Girl the way you make me smile is the definition of a real lady."

What could be mistaken for a love interest is quickly revealed to be Brown's daughter, as evidenced by the music video which also surfaced on Friday:

"My baby, my Royalty, girl you're the lyrics to my song," Brown sings after the chorus. "Girl you got this heart lock on me, I don't think I can control it / I hold on with all my might while you look at me in the eye / Like a vitamin you put back my energy, you're making me stronger, and bring out the best of me"

Here's what Twitter users had to say in response to "Little More (Royalty)" and its heart-warming music video:

Royalty track list:

1. "Back To Sleep"

2. "Fine By Me"

3. "Wrist" (feat. Solo Lucci)

4. "Make Love"

5. "Liquor"

6. "Zero"

7. "Anyway" (feat. Tayla Parx)

8. "Picture Me Rollin'"

9. "Who's Gonna (NOBODY)"

10. "Discover"

11. "Little Bit"

12. "Proof"

13. "No Filter"

14. "Little More (Royalty)"

15. "Day One"

16. "Blow It In The Wind"

17. "KAE"

18. "U Did It" (feat. Future)