Funny or Die Takes "Baby, It's Cold Outside" at Face Value — And the Result Is Disturbing


When a song is catchy enough, it's easy to miss the lyrics. But still, it's usually worth paying attention to a song's lyrics — if not for pure aesthetics, then for the sake of determining which of your favorite tunes are actually about date rape

Over the years, more and more people have come to realize that holiday classic "Baby, It's Cold Outside" is not so pure of heart. If you were ever reluctant to admit that your Christmas fave is problematic, maybe Scott Aukerman and Casey Wilson's Funny or Die version can convince you. As Wilson tries to graciously see herself out, Aukerman's character can't take a hint, and what begins as familiar (but inexcusable, mind you) fuckboy behavior quickly turns into assault. 

Aukerman drugs Wilson's drink when she's not looking, holds her down, blocks her exit and eventually tapes her to a chair until she's able to wriggle free — and pop Aukerman in the head with a fireplace shovel. It's how we've always imagined this cozy pair ending up. And all while maintaining a perfect harmony! 

Aukerman and Wilson's rendition is hilarious because it makes us realize the song's "rape-y" undertone isn't just an undertone: It's the premise to the entire song.