Christmas Week Weather Forecast: Northeast US May Have 70 Degree Christmas Eve


The Eastern United States is bracing for what experts are predicting could be one of the warmest Christmas holidays in recent years. The Washington Post reported Friday a high pressure warm front moving through the northeast and mid-atlantic regions could pull temperatures 30 degrees higher than typical forecasts for this late in December, with most areas seeing Christmas week temperatures in the mid to high 60s, and some parts of the U.S. potentially hitting the record-breaking 70s by Thursday or Friday.

After a confusing two weeks of weather, the eastern portion of the country will see warmer temperatures increasingly throughout the week, with most outlets reporting temperatures in the high 60s. According to the Weather Channel, Christmas Eve will be the warmest night of the week in New York, with a high of 69 degrees and an expected cloudy front throughout the area. Cincinnati will reach its peak temperatures on Wednesday night with a high of 67 degrees, while Atlanta will hit 75 degrees on Christmas Eve and tack on an extra degree Christmas day. 

"By the time children tear open their gifts, temperatures may already be above normal daytime highs in many areas east of the Mississippi River," the Weather Channel noted. "It's possible that some cities along the immediate East Coast could set a daily record high for Christmas Day just after midnight before temperatures fall later on. This includes New York City where the daily record high of 64 degrees could be threatened in the very early morning hours on Dec. 25, but will then see a daytime high in the 50s."

Elsewhere across the nation, severe storm patterns could disrupt holiday travels with several cities expected to receive rain showers, snow and thunderstorms throughout the Holiday week, including Chicago, Memphis, New Orleans and Miami, among others. 

In Washington D.C., the Washington Post reported record temperatures at the capitol's three main airports for Christmas Eve: National Airport reached 69 degrees in 1933, Dulles International Airport seeing 66 degrees in 1982 and Baltimore-Washington International Airport hit 65 degrees in 1990. The numbers jumped when looking at Christmas day in 1964: 72 degrees at National, 71 degrees at Dulles and 72 degrees at BWI.

Forecasters will be watching this week's warm front building throughout the region to see if some areas will set record breaking temperatures for the Christmas holiday. However, many parts of the Eastern U.S. have yet to see snow, and temperatures have remained (for the most part) unusually warm over the course of December. 

It's certainly not beginning to look a lot like Christmas.