Woman Knocks Street Harasser Unconscious After He Pinches Her Butt


Women shouldn't have to prepare for a throwdown every time they're in public, but it's more than satisfying to watch a street harasser get what's coming his way. In a surveillance video shared by LiveLeak, a woman in Morocco sends an ass-grabbing man to the ground with a single punch to the face. 

The blow sent the man flying several feet into a nearby table. According to the Mirror, in an Ali-Liston moment, he was unconscious for two hours. (No, it's not an ideal source, but you know you enjoy the imagery.)

Men: If the concept that women are people doesn't deter you from harassing them, maybe the threat of a serious injury will do the trick. Women all over the world are beyond tired of being victims — they're striking back and striking back hard.

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