Our Favorite Fashion Magazine Cover of the Entire Year Arrived Just in Time


You guys ready for this? 'Cuz we weren't. 

Check out the latest cover of Flare magazine: 


That's right, your favorite comedy duo are now cover girls. 

Shot by photographer Danielle Levitt, the cover shows a different side to our comedy queens Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, who look sassy, beautiful and glamorous as fuck — a far cry from that one time on Broad City when Ilana did Abbi's makeup after getting her wisdom teeth removed. 

Inside the February 2016 issue of the Canadian fashion magazine, which just so happens to be the "Love + Sex Issue," the Broad City actresses talk about, well, love and sex. And they're super funny about it, of course.

In the lengthy article, Jacobson and Glazer talk about their early comedy careers and what's coming in the third season of Broad City. And oh yeah, if you thought that spectacular image of Hillary Clinton posing with the girls was a spoiler: It was

The two also talk about their working relationship and body image, with Glazer noting that it's taken a while for her to be cool with her own.

"I think we both have these bodies that, because you just see such thin people represented all the time, when you have any tits, any ass, it's like va-va-voom," she told Flare. "I am very sensitive about my boobs; I was literally 9 when I got them, and for so many years, before I got to enjoy my body, it was for other people's evaluation. To enjoy your body on a comedy level is a whole other level of pleasure. Boob humor: It's like, this is not for you — it's for me."

But let's be real, we're used to the Broad City ladies being unabashedly honest. More unusual is seeing them all glammed up. According to Fashionista, the pair are in pieces from Erdem, Topshop, Miu Miu, Marc Jacobs and Burberry, which is quite different than their characters' signature black lipstick and sweatpants. 

The cover also comes at a time when we're yearning for magazine covers that celebrate women for their professional and personal accomplishments that extend beyond beauty. Earlier this month, the internet exploded at the sight of yet another comedy duo — Amy Poehler and Tina Fey — gracing the cover of Glamour magazine, a reminder that not all cover girls need be celebrities who could moonlight as runway models.


The Broad City women are certainly no runway models — they have far more to say, and can rock designer clothes to boot.

h/t Fashionista