Georgia Woman Shot by Husband Pushes for Law Banning Purchase of Guns During Divorce


In Georgia a bill that would ban spouses in the middle of divorce from purchasing guns is being pushed by Assistant District Attorney April Ross, according to WSBTV.

In April 2014, just days after filing for divorce, Ross was shot by her husband, Tranard McConnell, the outlet reported. Investigators say McConnell then shot himself and was found dead in a cemetery, according to the New York Daily News.

A Marietta senator filed the bill, WSBTV reported.

"Divorces and separations are volatile times, high emotions, and the escalation can go from zero to 100," Ross told WSBTV. "It's a no-brainer. That's a dangerous time for someone who's trying to get out of a relationship." 

The bill comes in a time when gun control debate is at its highest — following the San Bernardino, California, attacks — and is already being met by gun lobbyists. Georgia's registered gun rate is high, with more than 145,400 registered, NY Daily News reported. 

Gun rights group Georgia Carry believes the bill takes away a citizen's constitutional rights. "Many times emotions run high during divorce proceedings, but prohibiting any disarmed person from their Second Amendment right is not the proper method to attack the issue," the group said, according to WSBTV.

The law isn't about not having the right to purchase a gun, but it is an "extra step" in protecting lives, according to Ross, WSBTV reported. Ross claims that the attack, which left her paralyzed, was premeditated.  

Ross, who just recently returned to work, is willing to meet in the middle, saying that even a law to notify one spouse if the other is buying a weapon would suffice.