Todd Akin Legitimate Rape Comments: Proof the Tea Party is Full of Crazy Social Views


Tea Party-backed Todd Akin, the Republican candidate running for the Senate in Missouri, made a completely over the top claim over the weekend that has everyone talking. 

Akin, who is known for his staunch pro-life beliefs, stated that pregnancy is rare from "legitimate rape" because the woman's body has ways to "shut the whole thing down." Not surprisingly those remarks went viral on Twitter and Akin has since released a statement saying that he "misspoke."

This morning I kept reading and watching this statement from Akin over and over again, trying to figure out what on earth is in this guy's head. I get the fact that many people are pro-life regardless of the circumstances, but where did this 'legitimate rape' comment come from? It is not like this was a trick question. Akin is known for being a staunch pro-life supporter, so any time he goes on an interview he must know that the question about abortion in the case of rape might come up. 

This is an example of how people with extreme positions try to come up with anything in their own minds to back their point of view. Somehow he believes there is a biological function in a woman's body that stops the reproductive process in cases of "legitimate rape." I don't know where he got this idea from, because it certainly isn't in a scientific or medical journal. What makes the claim even more insane is that Representative Todd Akin currently sits on the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology. Talk about a mind-blowing revelation!

This, my friends, is what the Tea Party will become should they gain any sort of real power within Washington. I have said before that the Tea Party is a backdoor movement for social conservatives, who may talk a big game about how important spending, the debt, and taxes are today, but their long game is all about social issues. Todd Akin's comments over the weekend only further back my claim that this is what the Tea Party movement is really about — in the long run.

Before it starts, let me stop anyone that wants to try to separate Todd Akin from the Tea Party. His victory in the Republican primary was seen as a major victory for the Tea Party this year. Akin has the support of many Tea Party Republicans such as Michele Bachmann and Steve King, who have become the voice of the Tea Party in Washington today. Todd Akin and the Tea Party are inseparable and that should scare you.

I can only hope that a comment like this coming from someone who is running to be one of one hundred Senators representing the people in the United States would rapidly cause his campaign to spiral downhill and cause him to lose the election. There are some comments and remarks that politicians make on a whim that are A) forgivable and B) understandable. This remark is neither. Furthermore, when you watch the video of Akin giving this response, you can tell that he actually believes what he is saying and that a woman's body will stop a pregnancy from happening in the case of a legitimate rape and thus we shouldn't allow abortion in the case of rape because a woman wouldn't be pregnant if the 'rape' actually happened. It is insane. It is outside the boundaries of rational thought. Someone who can make this claim and believe it has no business in the United States Senate. I can only hope that the people of Missouri will agree.