Black Twitter Suggests #NewHillaryLogo Since Campaign Keeps Trying to Be Black-Friendly


In celebration of Kwanzaa, 2016 Democratic presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton changed her Twitter logo to represent two of the seven symbols of Kwanzaa: a candleholder, or kinara, and the seven candles, mishumaa saba. The seven candles represent the seven principles of Kwanzaa. 

To accompany the logo, Clinton tweeted a sentiment to all who celebrate Kwanzaa. 

However, within a few hours of the change in Twitter logos, her avatar had been switched back to a profile of the candidate. Some attribute the change to Twitter's reaction, which birthed a new hashtag: #NewHillaryLogo. 

Twitter users who felt Clinton was pandering to the black community rather than engaging with it responded to the candidates' logo with some homemade replacements. 

Some Hillary logo memes included the black power fist. 

Some included riffs off famous hip-hop lyrics. 

No matter the content, each logo played off the same idea: that there's a chasm between black culture and what people perceive to be black culture. 

This is not the first time Clinton's Twitter logo has come under scrutiny. While she has changed her logo to acknowledge other holidays, like Christmas and Hanukkah, she also changed her logo to acknowledge Rosa Parks' historic Montgomery bus boycott, which some Twitter users felt portrayed Parks as sitting in the back of the bus. 

Twitter and Instagram memes accused Clinton of pandering after she attempted to whip and nae nae on the Ellen DeGeneres Show in early September. 


This is the second time in the last several days that people of color have responded to perceived missteps and pandering from the Clinton campaign.

Last week, Latino twitter users responded to an article posted on Clinton's site claiming she was just like their grandmothers, or "abuelas," with the hashtag #NotMyAbuela

While Twitter is determined to force the candidate to engage with voters of color more authentically, the candidate does seem open. In August, Clinton met privately with members of the Black Lives Matter movement. The footage of that meeting surfaced online shortly after. 

You can watch the two-part exchange here: