This Dude's Real-Life Magic Mirror Is Absolutely Genius


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the best gifter of them all? That'd be Imgur user ctrlaltdylan, or Dylan Pierce, who just accomplished what may be one of the most ambitious DIY projects ever to turn out as planned: the real-life, fully functional version of Snow White's magic mirror.

Dylan Pierce/Imgur
Dylan Pierce/Imgur

At risk of ruining the illusion, Dylan gave users a step-by-step guide to recreating the magic for themselves on his blog. All it takes is a double-sided acrylic mirror, a monitor, some wood for the frame, screws, liquid nails and a Raspberry Pi computer. Sounds simple enough, right?  

Pierce thinks so. He writes, "No low level hardware hacking required, just some basic woodworking and some code I've already put together." 

The project was inspired by a similar mirror, constructed by Michael Teeuw.

Dylan Pierce/Imgur

Raspberry Pi is the tiny computer that powers the monitor behind the mirror and allows the Pierce to reflect the different widgets on its surface. Currently, MirrorMirror, Pierce's name for the project, features the weather, the date and time, and a randomized greeting for the person looking into it.

In this case, Pierce's happy giftee can be the fairest of them all every day — or in this mirror, "especially amazing."