These Adorable Cartoons Capture the Unpretty Realities of Trying to Look Pretty


Buying clothes is hard. Getting dressed is hard. Being stylish is hard. Caring is hard. 

These are all things that we readily acknowledge every morning when it takes 25 minutes to decide on a shirt in the morning or when we scour what feels like the entire planet for the perfect boots. Oh, and especially when we have to shop for a bathing suit.

Graphic design student Cassandra Calin, 21, wants us to know we're not alone. 

In a series of witty comics she's drawn over a period of months, she illustrates many of the fashion conundrums and difficulties that regularly leave us feeling helpless and frustrated. 

Like when you realize winter boots are constrictive, heavy beasts. 

Or when you find a great sweater that is just one thing from being perfect. 


Or when you even begin to think about shopping for a new swimsuit.

Calin, who has more than 12,800 Instagram followers, told the Huffington Post she was inspired to create the images from merely experiencing all of these normal style atrocities firsthand. 

Like finding out how difficult it is to take the perfect full-length mirror selfie. 

Or figuring what to wear on any given day. 

"All my comics are inspired by my real-life experiences and the little things that I sometimes consider frustrating," Calin told the Huffington Post. "It's a way for me to rant about silly 'misfortunes' in a humorous way, with a bit of sarcasm."

Speaking of frustrating, can we talk about how getting the perfect winged eyeliner is more difficult than passing the SATs?

Or how much effort it takes to maintain long hair? 

Yes, these images are real. Very real. And Tumblr users agree, leaving more than 100,000 notes on a few of the cartoons. 

This isn't the first time comics have been used to tackle some of our most harrowing beauty issues. In September, illustrator Megan Dong posted a series of cartoons on Tumblr that addressed the idea that men are being "deceived" by makeup. Dong has also done cartoon send-ups of style magazines. Then, of course, there are those precious New Yorker cartoons...

And why not? It feels good to know others are also suffering with how derpy they look in pictures that aren't selfies... 

No, we are not alone. 

h/t the Huffington Post