Ron Paul Birthday Wish List: 5 Gifts Ideas for the Champion of the Liberty Movement


In honor of Ron Paul’s 77th birthday, I thought it would be fitting to put together a bit of a “wish list” of gifts that we the people can give come November.

Without further ado, I present: The Ron Paul Gift List! (In no particular order)

1. Ending the Federal Reserve

This one should be a no-brainer to anyone who has ever heard a Ron Paul speech this election year. Want to help the 12-term Congressman get his birthday wish? Call your senator, email Majority Leader  Harry Reid, or find one of the hundreds of online petitions, and demand that the Audit the Fed bill be brought to the Senate floor for a vote.

2. A speaking slot at the Republican National Convention in Tampa (and maybe some board shorts for the beach)


While having lasted longer than all of the other not-Romneys in this years’ race (and causing more problems for the GOP at the local level), Ron Paul was denied a speaking role in this year’s RNC. Sure, Paulbots nationwide rallied around that to create the P.A.U.L Festival, which will happen just outside of the RNC’s doors, but we all know that mainstream media sources won’t cover it at all. So how can we change this?

Sadly, we really can’t. Second best bet? Blast away at your major news providers to cover the P.A.U.L Festival, and if enough of a stink is made, maybe they will cover it. With bands like Red Jumpsuit Apparatus signed on to play, and noted Austrian Economist Peter Schiff billed to speak, they might just pay attention.

At the very least, he is going to be in the Tampa area, so why not some trusty board shorts to relax on the beach in?

3. Gold


The Good Doctor has been a staunch supporter of the return to the gold standard for many years. While actually getting back to the gold standard could take a very, very long time, why not just have some real gold on hand? (Disclaimer: For the love of all things good and happy, please DO NOT SPEND ALL YOUR MONEY ON GOLD. IT IS VERY PRICEY AND HARD TO TURN OVER FOR USE.)

That being said, gold bars and nuggets are bulky and hard to transport, so why not just get a nice ring, or necklace (or, if you like that kind of thing, a grill)? Easy to transport, easier to sell, and just plain fashionable, the perfect gift for the gold-loving Constitutionalists in any Paulbot’s life.

4. Firearms safety and handling classes

The Second Amendment has always been a hotbed of controversy between gun control activists and the Ron Paul camp. Want to help preserve this highly argued section of the Constitution? Why not learn how to handle, transport, and fire a gun safely? While I have no doubt that the Texan has a few guns of his own, going out to shoot and teach others the fun of firearms would surely put a smile on Ron’s face. Looking for bonus points? Get some targets that look like zombies! Seriously, who wouldn’t love to shoot at zombies?

5. The continued growth and influence of the Liberty Movement


What do you give the man who started a movement, nay, a full-on political revolution? Make it last long after he has retired from public office. The best part about this gift is that it helps everyone, all while being very inexpensive. Take 5-10 minutes to talk with people about the movement, bring awareness to legislation that conflicts with personal liberty, or simply support those who follow the Constitution above partisan politics. The more people stop subscribing to a party and start caring about the issues, the bigger the impact the Ron Paul revolution will have had. Who wouldn’t want to have their name remembered as the one who changed politics forever?