A Homophobe Just Got a Clapback When He Insulted a Drag Queen on a Train


A packed New Year's Eve train in the U.K. was witness to a fight between two men — with one defending, and one attacking, a drag queen sharing the train. 

The video, which was posted onto Facebook by Birmingham, England, resident Ryan Mahon, opens with witnessing what he refers to as an "absolute idiot shouting abuse" at the drag queen on the train. The man in question calls the drag queen "immoral" and "wrong." 

(Editor's note: This video contains strong language. View with discretion.)

Mahon writes he has an open family and great friends, and that this is the first time in 5 years of multicultural London life that he had to deal with such blatant homophobia.

"[I]t's sickening to think that this kind of abuse still happens in today's society when there is no place nor any need of it," he posted.

Once the man notices Mahon capturing the exchange on camera, he says, "If there was no camera nowhere, you'd have no jaw."

When Mahon reveals that he is gay, the two engage in a back-and-forth on the nature of homosexuality, which, to nobody's surprise, the other man in the video thinks is wrong. 

"You dirty people," the man said to Mahon. "God created us to have woman and recreate, you f***ing nasty germ. You rotten person."

"The guy in the video ... seem[s] to think that being gay is sick and wrong," Mahon wrote. "I think that discrimination, bigotry and general nastiness is sick and wrong. He seems to think that gay people have a negative influence on his child. I think having a father who thinks it's acceptable to publicly shame others is far more of a negative influence."  

According to British newspaper the Mirror, British Transport Police viewed the video and are currently investigating the incident. 

"Officers are viewing the footage and making enquiries to establish the full circumstances of the incident and when and where it took place," a BTP spokesperson told the Mirror

Mahon ended his post with a note to all who are reading, "Everyone has their own struggles and issues to deal with; don't make their lives harder by being a wanker."