Tom Daley Gay Rumors: Diver Seeks Fashion Advice From One Direction Harry Styles


It's good to be Tom Daley. The 18-year-old British Olympic diver, who won bronze in the London 2012 Olympics, has become quite the pop culture sensation in the UK -- routinely whisked from book signings to televisions shows and back.

In addition to his signature "Sexy and I know It” parody, the diver’s innumerable Speedo shots have been used to inundate the web with Tumblr blogs that post “daley” memes and gifs -- which fuel the many speculations regarding his personal life, such as who is he dating (if anyone) and the many British celebrities he hangs out with (David Beckham, One Direction, etc).

And speaking of which, Daley has now turned to one of the members of the famous English boy band – Harry Styles – to ask for fashion advice; now that the usually Speedo-clad diver has apparently decided to finally put some clothes on.

Daley, who apparently is looking for a Union jack jumpsuit, tweeted, “Does anyone know where to get a union flag onzie?? I definitely need to invest in one!!” To which Now Daily replied: “Luckily we can help you out, Tom - even though we think it's a crime to cover up that super-sexy body! Harry Styles and One Direction's favorite jumpsuit brand One-Piece has a bold Union Flag design in comfy cotton which costs £139, in sizes xxs-medium.”

And, as compiled by Digital Spy, here are other Tom Daley facts your probably didn’t know about:

10. Tom was born Thomas Robert Daley: on May 21, 1994 in Plymouth, England to parents Rob and Debbie Daley. He has two younger brothers, William and Ben.

9. Daley met supermodel Kate Moss on the set of Italian Vogue. 

8. Daley was the youngest British competitor at the 2008 Beijing Olympic games at age 14.

7. Tom lost his father Rob to cancer last year. 

6. Daley is the most-followed member of Team GB on Twitter with over 1.5 million followers. 

5. Tom has recently promised to teach pop star and former X Factor judge Cheryl Cole how to dive. 

4. Daley's 'Sexy And I Know It' parody has over 2.4 million views on YouTube. 

3. He wants to be a TV presenter after he retires from diving. 

2. He is the only athlete to win the BBC 'Young Sports Personality of the Year' award more than once.  

1. He had to lose weight for the London 2012 Olympics.