Video of Hotel Bed Bug Infestation on NYC's Upper West Side Will Make Your Skin Crawl

David Cooper/Getty Images

olLast week, a California couple who went on vacation to New York City to celebrate New Year's encountered every traveler's nightmare: bed bugs. Elgin Ozlen, who was also celebrating his birthday, and his girlfriend were staying at the Astor on the Park Hotel in Central Park West, reserved as a gift from the mother, when they caught sight of bed bugs infesting the mattress, WABC reported. 

The hotel has since refunded the couple, but Ozlen told WABC that it was about the memories, not the money. The couple's room was $400 a night, the NY Daily News reported, and the pair also lost $1000 worth of clothes and items because of the infestation. 

David Cooper/Getty Images

"We were expecting a vacation to remember the rest of our lives, and we will definitely remember it for the rest of our lives, but it won't be a pleasant memory," Ozlen told WABC on Sunday. The couple had already changed rooms twice due to problems with the heater, the station reported. In the third room, however, they encountered the scourge of bed bugs. 

The two are in the hospital for treatment, having had to cancel plans to visit Times Square for the ball drop and see the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall, according to WABC. Ozlen's girlfriend, whose body is inflamed from about 75 bites, is allegedly unable to eat because of nausea from the experience, the NY Daily News reported. 

"On my birthday, I'm in the hospital, and I'm washing the best clothes that I brought that I own for this vacation, and during that process many of the clothes became damaged, because they're not meant to be dried," Ozlen said to WABC. 

Ozlen claimed the hotel manager was appalled by the scene, according to the NY Daily News.

As expected, other hotel guests are not taking it lightly. "I'm freaking out right now," a fellow hotel guest told the NY Daily News after seeing the video. As of Monday morning, the YouTube video had more than 900,000 views.