11 Amazing Animal Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2016

Carl Court/Getty Images

In the spirit of starting 2016 off on a high note, here's a curated list of some of the best animal Instagram accounts to follow and habitually scroll in the event you need a furry face to brighten your day.

In no particular order, here are the new stars of your mobile device.

Carl Court/Getty Images

1. For the urban dwellers/cat lover: @bodegacatsofinstagram 

2. These animals have all the chill: @chillwildlife

3. Baby animals: @thebabyanimals

4. Wild animals: @natgeowild

5. Gorgeous dog photography: @thedogist

6. A tribe of rescue animals: @wolfgang2242

7. If you'd like your dog judged on his or her appearance and/or abilities: @weratedogs

"Here we have a Gingivitis Pumpernickel named Zeus. Unmatched tennis ball capacity. 10/10 would highly recommend."

"Here we have Pancho and Peaches. Pancho is a Condoleezza Gryffindor, and Peaches is just an asshole. 10/10 & 7/10."

8. For Cori enthusiasts: @lacorgi 

9. One more of just dogs, because dogs: @mensweardog

10. An inspiring cat born without her legs who proves she's "Different, not less." @lilbunnysueroux 

11. And one tiny, domesticated squirrel: @this_girl_is_a_squirrel