This Hilarious Period Video Is the Myth-Busting Guide All Dudes Need To See


Despite different efforts to teach the world about periods, Aunt Flo remains shrouded in myth and mystery as far as plenty of people (OK, dudes) are concerned. 

So, College Humor created a hilarious and informative video guide to menstruation that shatters the many misconceptions about periods, breaking down what really goes on in women's bodies during "that time of the month." 

"The only threat to a woman's health during her period is that all the blood in the toilet will attract snakes and alligators that live in the sewers to the pipes," one woman says. 

"That's why women go to bathroom in groups," another says. "To fight off the gators." 


Of course, there's also the amount of blood that people are unaware of...


... as well as how that blood gets produced inside of us in the first place:


The brilliant parody (of both period myths and those cheery instructional viral videos) confronts the pervasive stigma associated with menstruation, rejecting the idea that monthly bleeding is dirty or abnormal in any way. (Even though, as the video points out, periods might be caused by the angry, blood-thirsty demons that live inside all women, that doesn't mean they have to be scary!) 

Comical as the video might be, it addresses real, global concerns about respect for women's bodies. It reminds people that periods are so not a big deal — a reality that we could probably get through to people if we all (men included) understood what they were all about.

Check out the full video:

h/t Cosmopolitan