The Powerball Jackpot is $500 Million — Here's What People Say They'd Do With the Money

Sue Ogrocki/AP

Wednesday's Powerball lottery jackpot prize is now $500 million, proving a chance at the American Dream isn't dead — even though the odds of winning are one out of 292 million

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That doesn't mean one can't dream, though, and seriously contemplate what they would do with that life-changing amount of money. Some of the more practical Twitter users said they'll pay off debt (boo) while others said they'll take everyone out for Mexican food (YASSS).

Sue Ogrocki/AP

Here's what hopefuls are going to do with the $500 million they won't win:

Touching, but that's not going to boost his chances.

Oh the social justice possibilities...

This guy would take the world out for burritos and margaritas — assuming "we're all" refers to the entire human population — with $400 million. Imagine what he'd do with the actual prize, which is $500 million.

Classic millennial: This person would use $500 million to do nothing forever. 

Hopefully this person doesn't win — it could all go to waste.

It's not glamorous, but it's realistic. Hopefully he'd still have some left over.

Paying off debt and student loans seems to be a concerning trend. Also taking note of massage therapist, chef and lake house for "to-do when rich" list.

Sure BooBee, it would change everyone but you, the one with the $500 million. 

Gregory Lions is the voice of consumer justice that we need. 

Is Steve Harvey ever going to live down his Miss Universe screw up? Probably not, and that's the beauty of it.

This guy is just irresponsible and should have his ticket confiscated. 

Feel you dude. 

Confidence and a righteous cause. If only this weren't based on sheer luck, Ocean Blue Wine would have it in the bag.

Hope @lhglarner is joking.

We'll leave you with this.