9 of Beyoncé's Most Amazing Live Performances

Mark Von Holden/AP

Beyoncé will be appearing at this year's Super Bowl halftime show, so buckle your seatbelts everyone, because Queen Bey  is a #flawless performer.

Mark Von Holden/AP

The superstar singer has already performed at the Super Bowl halftime show as the headliner, but on Thursday it was announced that she would be joining Coldplay, this year's main act, as part of the event, which makes it a perfect time to take a look back at some of Beyoncé's most amazing performances.

1. "Run the World (Girls)"

OK, so this performance is from the finale of Oprah and it was so good that everyone in the crowd was like "who's Oprah?" Just kidding, we could never forget you, Oprah. But actually this performance was amazing.

2. "Flaws and All" 

OMG turn up that wind machine. Look how good Beyoncé looks with a fan on her. GET THIS WOMAN MORE FANS.

3. "Dangerously in Love"

She's in a picture frame. Do you get it, guys?! She's literally framed because she's literally art. Also this is from 2004 but Beyoncé is so timeless that you can't even tell, right?

4. "Halo"

This video is from a performance in Las Vegas and so Beyoncé sings "Vegas I can feel your halo." Can you even imagine being in the audience for that!? Everyone was probably crying so hard.

5. "Sweet Dreams" 

Um, check out Beyoncé's facial expressions during this song. That is the face of a true artist.

6. "Love On Top"

This performance is pure joy. Seriously, the power of Beyoncé's love is shining through that little peek-a-boo hole in her shiny outfit. It's impossible not to feel amazing when you see this performance of "Love On Top."

7. "Work it Out"

Beyoncé's hair is so Carrie Bradshaw in this video and her outfit is so sailor-chic and her voice is so buttery and smooth. How is it possible for a human being to sound this good?

8. "Best Thing I Never Had"

This performance is from a Fourth of July celebration, and what is more patriotic than Beyoncé in a flowing black gown with a perfectly executed smokey-eye? This is what the founding fathers fought for, people.

9. "Party"

I like to party, you like to party, Beyoncé likes to party, we all like to party. Party on, Bey, because you are a true queen and we are #blessed to have you.