Kirby Jenner, Kendall Jenner's Twin, Is Best Instagram Bullshit-Caller Yet


All it takes to concoct the picture-perfect life on Instagram are glamorous settings, enviable outings, cool friends and some great lighting. 

Kirby Jenner has all those things. 

Kirby, you see, is Kendall's twin. He first arrived on the scene in the summer of 2015, inserting himself into his, um, sister's most glam Instagram photos. There's Kirby with his mustache and hat, lounging on a white linen-covered bed with Kendall. There's Kirby with luggage in tow, about to hop into an SUV and jet away with Kendall. Oh, and there's Kirby in his white swimsuit, poolside catching rays with the baes.

While still small in scale — the Kirby Jenner Instagram account has but 23 photos — the account is one of the most comprehensive social media-mocking projects to come along in some time. BroBible first observed the account in July, noting Kirby appeared to be "a random ass dude with a killer mustache and a doughy bod whose Instagram account is #onfleek." 

But Kirby is also a keen mocker of the Instagram lifestyle, as epitomized by the most-liked star on the platform, by recreating her unmistakable Jenner life with his very un-Kendall body and inserting himself by her side with the most expert photo manipulation we've ever seen.

Of course, he's not quite out on a crusade to tear down Instagram lies, exactly, like the viral blogger Essena O'Neill or the more hilarious, comedian Celeste Barber, with her celebrity-mocking photos.

Rather, his commitment to the role (and to irony — irony must get a heavy h/t in this project) does all the mocking for him. In an "interview" with the Creators Project, Kirby said, "Kendall and I are pretty tight. We're both super busy with our careers but still find time to hang out with each other. Our fav. thing is making ice cream soup together, haha. We take ice cream and melt it in the microwave. Ken-doll has the fanciest microwave, so it's really fun. So glad she's my sister. We also love meowing at each other. Like cats! Our house is crazy, haha."


h/t Seventeen