Watch This Military Mom Surprise Her Daughter at Her 'American Idol' Audition


If you're not crying right now, prepare your tear ducts for this. People throughout America have been shedding tears since Thursday's episode of American Idol featuring Tristan McIntosh, 15, whose impressive voice is enough to send chills up your spine. However, it's the surprise she gets during her audition that's more heartwarming. 

Her audition began with her dad asking her, "Don't you wish your mom could be here?" McIntosh tells her dad that her mom is the reason she got the Idol audition, and credited her mom with being the musician she is today. According to McIntosh her mom, Army Maj. Amy McIntosh,  was about to retire when she received a call to serve in the Middle East. 

After Tristan's audition, where she sang Mickey Guyton's "Why Baby Why," the judges could barely hide their gushing. Jennifer Lopez said she got chills from the performance, while Harry Connick Jr. told Tristan she had "a lot going on," and Keith Urban said that, at 15, she had a lot of talent. But, after the praise, Connick pulled out a letter from Tristan's mom, whom she had called her "hero." 

And then, it happens:


Tristan's mom surprises her on set, and Jennifer Lopez cannot handle it. Whether she knew about the audition or whether American Idol flew her in for a TV moment is never revealed, but Tristan's mom did say, "It was super important for me to be here. There was no way that I was going to miss this iconic moment in her life." 


Then, Tristan's mom gives her a big hug while she cries in her arms. 


Grab some tissues and watch the entire audition below. We'll leave you to guess whether Tristan gets that golden ticket to Hollywood.