5 Funniest Internet Reactions to Todd Akin Legitimate Rape Comments


Now, everyone, I know you're upset about the Todd Akin rape comment scandal, and rightly so, but look on the bright side — just weeks after the Tosh 2.0 rape joke scandal, we have plenty of women showing us how to remain politically aware and make fun of rape culture.

Without further ado, let me present my top five sarcastic, meme-tastic, or otherwise hilarious responses to "legitimate rape."

1) A helpful diagram from Balloon Juice, in case you forgot how lady parts work

2) Musical interlude: "Legitimate Rape" by Taylor Ferrera 

3) "If trapped outside of a female body and unable to find food, a uterus is capable of living off of its own tissue for up to 80 days."

And a bunch of Other Things Missouri Representative Todd Akins Believes To Be True About the Uterus, Besides Its Ability to "Shut Down" a Legitimate Rape by Mallory Ortberg.

4) Todd Akin's supporters seem to use the wrong words, too.

5) And finally, if you're still upset about the whole thing, don't worry -- we can shut Todd Akin down with the power of gifs.