Democratic Debate Schedule 2016: Dates, Times and Preview for Remaining Dates

Jim Cole/AP

The election year is finally upon us, but before the Republican and Democratic nominees are announced, there are still a slew of debates to go. The Democratic candidates have three more debates scheduled, according to the Democratic National Committee, and the dates are as follows:

January: The fourth Democratic debate will take place in Charleston, South Carolina, and air on Jan. 17. It will be co-sponsored by NBC News, the Congressional Black Caucus Institute and the South Carolina Democratic Party.

Jim Cole/AP

February: The fifth Democratic debate will take place in Wisconsin and air on Feb. 11. It will be co-sponsored by PBS and the Wisconsin Democratic Party.

March: The sixth and final Democratic debate will happen in Miami, Florida, and take place on March 9. It will be co-sponsored by the Washington Post, the Florida Democratic Party and the Spanish-language channel Univision.