This Perfectly Symmetrical Instagram Account Is Soothing Our Souls


Instagram can be a stressful place. Between the wholly unrealisticultra-edited, expertly lit selfies of your enemies and the near-perfect images of artisanal food laid out on white marble backdrops, lazily thumbing through your dash can actually be overwhelming.

Sometimes you need a break from all that. Sometimes you need to observe the beauty of a perfectly balanced, symmetrical image. Sometimes you need to lay your eyes on a picture where nothing is out of place, and yet nothing prods you to achieve that level of perfection.

That's where @SymmetricalMonsters comes in. 

Symmetrical Monsters, unlike your friends at brunch, care about your peace of mind. They know you sometimes need to bask in the beauty of a completely symmetrical wooded landscape...

...or a perfectly balanced city scene...

...or even a cool geometric staircase. 

The stressed, balance-seeking perfectionist who lives inside of us all can finally be at peace. With more than 76,000 followers on the Instagram account, it looks like these images are striking a chord with people who are looking for something more beautiful than your rose gold iPhone. Plus, it's scientific: Symmetry is appealing to our human brains, from reading symmetrical text to being attracted to symmetrical faces.

As My Modern Met points out, how these visually stunning photos land on the account is a somewhat enigmatic process: Tag a photo with #symmetricalmonsters and then the page's leader, mysterious photographer extraordinaire @traperture, picks out the best ones. There are currently more than 77,000 images tagged — @traperture has his work cut out for him.

Like finding the most conceptually beautiful photograph of an airplane we've ever seen...

...or picking out this picture of the inside of a bus that miraculously doesn't make us think about that time we were stuck on a Megabus for 7 hours. 

Sure, these photos are admittedly just as intent on visual perfection as the rest of our Instagram. But there's something soothing about a perfection we ourselves aren't prompted to obtain. Plus, doesn't everyone need a few weird little rabbit holes of Instagram to escape into?

h/t Bored Panda