Olivia Caridi's Feet on 'The Bachelor' Have Inspired the Best Reactions From the Internet


Ben Higgins might still have an entire season on ABC's The Bachelor to decide which female contestant matches his soul's desire, but it appears as though the internet has already decided its favorite. That contestant is 23-year-old Olivia Caridi, a Texas-native who dabbled in news anchoring prior to joining the reality show.

After spending the most amount of time with this season's esteemed bachelor, Higgins, other women on the reality show decided to poke fun at just about any flaw of Caridi's they could find during Monday night's episode. "Am I aggressive? Yeah," She says matter-of-factly in an interview appearing on the show. "Do I have bad toes? Yeah." 


After realizing she was being attacked by other contestants for her abnormal toes, the seasoned reporter laughed off the insults in the best way possible. "People are asking what my toes look like so I thought I'd just take a quick pic for y'all," Caridi wrote on Twitter Monday night, uploading a picture of some rather grotesque feet, which clearly are not actually hers. 

The anchorwoman and contestant then added the hashtags #FatToes and #PerfectionIsLame, ingeniously silencing her toes' naysayers faster than one can say "athlete's foot." 

Twitter users of course had a field day with the candid forwardness from one of its most recent beloved reality show contestants, expressing its appreciation for her honesty and encouraging her to continue dominating the ABC hit show:

Then again, some users didn't appear to understand the joke, but that's all part of the fun:

A self-proclaimed "foot fetishist" even found Caridi's sense of humor and willingness to mock her own feet "so funny:"

Meanwhile, others offered their support in the form of posting similar pictures of feet to the social media site. However, it remains unclear if these photos actually depict any of the users' feet. If so, they should probably consider taping the next Bachelor and instead have their feet checked out: