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Here's One Reason Why Some Americans Are Thinking of Voting for Hillary Clinton

Though recent presidential polls show former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's numbers plummeting faster than they did when she ran in 2008, a new Reuters poll suggests her husband, former President Bill Clinton, could slightly influence voters in her favor. 

The poll, conducted from Jan. 7 through Jan. 13, prior to the most recent Democratic debate, shows 12% of American voters said they'd more likely vote for Hillary because she's married to Bill. Most Americans (73% of Democrats and 52% of Republicans), however, said Bill has no influence on whether they'll vote for Hillary. 

Additionally, fewer than half said Bill should be a more significant figure in Hillary's campaign and a similar amount said his involvement would boost her chances to win the nomination. 

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A recent comparison of national political polls by RealClearPolitics showed Clinton's national lead dropping significantly faster than it did leading up to the Iowa caucus in 2008 when then-Sen. Barack Obama beat her for the nomination. 

In the most recent Democratic debate Sunday, Hillary said as president she'd ask for her husband's ideas, advice and "use him as a goodwill emissary to go around the country."

Bill has been on the campaign trail for his wife and said he "[does] not believe in my lifetime anybody has run for the job who is better qualified by experience, knowledge and temperament."