Justin Bieber’s Purple Hair: A Brief Photo History of Artist’s Hairstyles and New Dos


Bleach blonde and blowing in the wind one day, My Little Pony purple the next. As music's good-boy-gone-bad Justin Bieber transforms with each new year, his hair seems to take on a life of its own, much to the approval and dismay of fans worldwide. Most recently, 21-year-old Bieber debuted his crisp, purple locks while casually being photographed atop a brand new, hot red Ferrari, and later while donning nothing but a white towel in a gym locker room. 

Bieber's hair attracts just about as much buzz as his music releases each time he whips up a new do, and that's saying quite a bit: While the performer has seen several of his recent singles off Purpose reach the mainstream top 40, his blonde, purple and ever-changing hairstyles have found their way into headlines and magazine covers worldwide.  


Does anyone remember the fresh-faced YouTube sensation with a heart of gold and a head of brunette hair?Before fangirls across the nation and around the world were screaming his name, Bieber was covering the likes of Justin Timberlake in viral YouTube videos recorded by his parents. In one of his biggest videos to be shared across the internet before becoming a household name, Biebs is all smiles while rocking a black cap with brown bangs nearly reaching his eyebrows while singing Timberlake's "Cry Me a River." 

What a way we've come. Since the early days of YouTube and his exploding career, the recording artist has switched up his style (and behavior) quite a bit. The entertainer threw his good boy charm and brown locks out the window in September 2015, causing the internet to freak out almost as much as they did when they first laid eyes on the Canadian sensation. 

The industry's Golden Boy has tried his hair in a number of different looks. Who can forget when the "Baby" singer kept his look professional, clean-cut and conservative while dating Disney channel's Selena Gomez? Though the two have been spotted possibly rekindling their age-old romance, his straight-laced locks are long gone, quite possibly forever. 

As Bieber climbed the Hollywood ladder of fame and success, his hair grew longer and longer. What started as innocent brown locks quickly spiraled into the lustrous blonde mane fans see and wish to feel today.

With new girlfriends come new do's. One of the best parts of finding young love is the lack of judgment and boundaries throughout relationships. Here, model Hailey Baldwin lends a hair tie to her man.

Through it all, Bieber will likely be remembered in the first half of the decade for his gently tousled up do. The moussed-look is also how Bieber was permanently rendered at Madame Tussauds, the famous wax sculpture museum, showing the singer in all of his young glory back in 2012.

Luca Teuchmann/Getty Images