'Dirty Grandpa' 2016: Full Preview, Cast and Plot Info for Zac Efron Movie

Eric Charbonneau/AP

The upcoming comedy Dirty Grandpa, starring former teen idol Zac Efron and Robert De Niro, will hit theaters Friday. The film will feature Efron in his biggest film role since his portrayal of frat boy Teddy in the 2014 film Neighbors.

In Dirty Grandpa, Efron plays Jason Kelly, an up-and-coming lawyer who is getting ready to wed his boss' uptight daughter, Meredith (Julianne Hough). Marrying Meredith would help further Jason's career, but Jason's disorderly, foul-mouthed grandfather, Dick (De Niro), deceives Jason into driving him to Florida for spring break. 

Hough, who plays Jason's fiancee in Dirty Grandpa, is currently planning a wedding through the movie production.

"It's really fun because it's so random," she told Fox News. "I play Zac Efron's fiancee who is very uptight and very control freak — quite aggressive at times. She is a bridezilla for sure. There are moments when I was doing scenes, and I would call him up [Hough's fiance Brooks Laich] just like, 'FYI, this is not me, I promise.'"

Eric Charbonneau/AP

No jokes are held back; Dick is as raunchy as it gets, telling Jason, "the greatest gift a grandson can give his grandfather is a hot college girl who wants to have unprotected sex with him before he dies."

Rotten Tomatoes hasn't received any reviews from critics yet, but according to their website, the percentage of users who want to see the film as of publication is 94%.

According to IMDb, the 72-year-old De Niro lifted the 28-year-old Efron on his back without any assistance for the theatrical poster.