Twitter Found a Lot in Common Between Sarah Palin's Trump Endorsement and Iggy Azalea


Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump for the Republican presidential nomination Tuesday evening, and she did it in positively Azalean fashion.

In a particularly incomprehensible section of her endorsement speech, Alaska's former governor defended Trump's supporters as being true Republicans. She described them as, and this is a direct transcription, "Right wingin', bitter clingin', proud clingers of our guns, our god, and our religions, and our Constitution."

The internet responded with one resounding question: What did she just say?

Despite being nonsensical, even Palin's harshest critics would have to admit there's a certain rhythm to the line. Her flow is akin to a well-meaning Midwestern mom who wants to be cool and rap along to "Trap Queen" with her kids. But poor mom doesn't know "Trap Queen" is so summer 2015, and poor Palin sounds more like Iggy Azalea than Fetty Wap.

In fact, Azalea is exactly who Pittsburgh-based programmer Lindsey Bieda thought of when listening to Palin. Azalea is notorious for her unintelligible freestyles that have led critics to question her credibility. One in particular is a Vine sensation:

So Bieda mashed up Azalea's video with Palin's word salad. The result: Twitter genius.

Predictably, Twitter reaction was a mite enthusiastic.

At this rate, if she really wants to get some more buzz for Trump's campaign, Palin's best bet may be to team up with Azalea for a track or two. After all, if there's anything conservatives really love, it's hip-hop.