How to Make a Homemade Sled — DIY Tips for US Winter's First Big Snow

Robert F. Bukaty/AP

Winter Storm Jonas, the name the Weather Channel has given to the snowstorm headed for the East Coast and much of the seaboard, is expected to bring significant snowfall during the weekend. According to an advisory from the National Weather Service, Washington, D.C. could be buried in 18 to 24 inches of snowfall, while at least six inches of snow is predicted in New York City, according to the Weather Channel. Although the storm has caused a panic among some who recognize the importance of inclement weather preparedness, others have pointed out the humor in the hysteria. And others still are gearing up for prime sledding time. 

Though there's no word yet on possible Monday school closures, the weekend forecast is promising for those hoping to hurl themselves down a snowy slope. And in the event that potential sledders are without a proper sled, here's a list of alternatives that offer varying degrees of sledding success.

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Robert F. Bukaty/AP

For a zen experience, use a yoga mat:

If you hate houseguests, turn your air mattress into a sled:

A kiddie pool will work as a sled in a pinch:

If you're a small human, a cookie pan is the optimal sled option for you:

For once, laundry baskets could be used for something fun:

Sledding with a tarp offers the full body experience:

There's no limit to the kinds of sleds born of cardboard:

While lunch tray sledding is popular among the students:

And lastly, putting your child on a garbage lid sled is a guaranteed good time: