Wiz Khalifa and Travis Scott's 'Bake Sale' Lyrics Are About Exactly What You Think

Andy Kropa/AP

Wiz Khalifa dropped "Bake Sale" Thursday, a single featuring Travis Scott off his upcoming Feb. 5 mixtape Khalifa, and by bake sale, the rapper means pot edibles. The song is basically an ode to marijuana, but it doesn't discriminate against other forms — joints, wax and inhalers all get shout outs in the lyrics. 

"I got flowers, wax, inhalers, edibles," Khalifa raps in the first verse. "All shit you never saw/ And it's all at my bake sale/ Roll another one, help me think well." 

Khalifa and Scott trade verses, rapping about getting high, having sex "all day, hell yeah," and that's essentially it. The song's full lyrics are available on Genius.

"Bake Sale" can be streamed on SoundCloud:

Source: SoundCloud

Andy Kropa/AP

In tandem with the track release, Khalifa announced the 13-song track list for Khalifa, including collaborations with Scott, Sebastian, Ty Dolla $ign, Juicy J and a few others. 

Here's the full track list, according to Complex:

1. "BTS"