Is the Earth Flat? BoB Is on Twitter Arguing Against All Logic and Science

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After claiming to have watched Felix Baumgartner's famous Red Bull Stratos jump from the edge of space, recording artist B.o.B is furiously tweeting everything science says about the Earth being round is a total lie. 

The artist, who recently dropped a single on SoundCloud and a mixtape on DatPiff, is spamming his fans with a variety of "proof" that the Earth is in fact flat, continuously posing the question "where is the curve?" when showing images taken of Earth's skies which fail to show the rounded shape of the planet.

Yes, this is actually happening.

Though this is certainly B.o.B's most outlandish storm of tweets, the "Headband" rapper has been known to say he believes in the extraordinary — and certainly isn't afraid to tweet his thoughts to fans. After sharing with fans his opposing views to cloning humans, the Georgian rapper apparently started believing his account was being censored, preventing fans from accessing his posts.

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One must ask why exactly an artist in the limelight would even consider posting such ridiculous tweets all at once. There is one particular reason which comes to mind:

Promotion: In the stream of sometimes confusing tweets, B.o.B was sure to include promotional tweets about his new music. Perhaps the incessant tweeting could be a way of connecting with fans in the midst of musical releases, as well as starting some noise around the artist.

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The artist has also taken to mocking his followers and other internet users questioning his claims of a flat Earth, insinuating he is simply leading a herd of mindless sheep:

Thankfully, the internet doesn't simply believe everything it sees or reads. Here are some of the many replies to B.o.B's latest Twitter storm: