"I Can Breathe Again": Video of Teen Waking Up From Heart Surgery Will Make You Cry


Trevor Sullivan feels amazing.

After months of waiting for the organ donation that would save his life, the 15-year-old underwent heart transplant surgery in November. Trevor's dad, Philip, recently shared a video of his son waking up from surgery — and it just might bring on tears.

"I'm so happy — I've been waiting so long — I'm so happy," Trevor says. "I can breathe again, and talk."

"I feel amazing," he says. "I've never felt so good."


Trevor's ordeal began last February, when the then-14-year-old went to the emergency room because he hadn't been feeling well for about a year, according to ABC News.  

The visit "quickly became a living nightmare," a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for his family reads. Experiencing "severe heart failure," Trevor was quickly airlifted to CS Motts Children's Hospital at the University of Michigan, where doctors tried to normalize his racing heartbeat.

"In laymen's terms, Trevor's heart is misfiring," the page says. "A normal heart rate for a 14-year-old is 85 to 100 [beats per minute, and] his was 180 to 200."

Facebook/Team Trevor

Trevor was put on medication to regulate his heart rate, but he'd eventually need heart transplant surgery to stay alive. His name was added to the transplant registry, and eight months later, his long-awaited surgery finally took place.

Now, Trevor and his family are working to raise awareness about the importance of organ donation. Dad Philip shared Trevor's reaction video on the Facebook page for Gift of Life Michigan, where it has amassed more than a million views.

"We uploaded our personal video of Trevor waking up after his transplant surgery to start to raise awareness for organ donation," he wrote on the Team Trevor Facebook page. "After what we have been through as a family, it changes your perspective on life. As you have seen, we are only one of many, many families that have had to go through this traumatic life experience, either on the recipient or on the donor side."

As for Trevor, he's doing "very well" post-surgery, according to his dad's Team Trevor post. 

"We still have to check his glucose levels and give insulin with every meal along with giving him a long-acting dose of insulin at night time," he wrote. "His school tutor [is] coming over on the weekends and he is keeping up with his work."

Trevor told ABC News he really likes the video his dad shared.

"I think it's really cool and I wish everyone in the world can see it because it really makes a difference," he said. "It promotes organ donation and people can see the outcome of it and how happy they really are."