Minka Kelly as Jackie Kennedy: The Butler Movie Spans White House Life from Truman to Reagan


A recent trend in blockbuster movie-making seems to be to load a film with as many stars as possible. There have been notable successes (Love Actually), and massive failures (New Year's Eve). Judging by the cast of this star-studded film in the works, I think audiences are looking forward to a great success. Currently in production is a new flick from producer and director Lee Daniels' (the man behind Precious). The Butler, set to be released in 2013, follows the life of Cecil Gaines a White House butler who served eight different American presidents over the course of three decades. The role of Gaines is portrayed by Academy Award winner Forest Whitaker (his wife will be played by the one and only Oprah Winfrey). Other big names in the movie are Alex Pettyfer, Cuba Gooding Jr., Mariah Carey, Terrence Howard ... the list goes on. The coolest part about this cast list is the breakdown of which stars will be playing the role of which presidents (and their wives).  

Here's a look at The Butler's take on our nation's first couples. 

Dwight and Mamie Eisenhower: 

For our first presidential couple, Robin Williams will star as Dwight Eisenhower, and Melissa Leo will play his wife Mamie.  


John and Jackie Kennedy:

Heartthrob James Masden is starring as President Kennedy and America's favorite glamor girl, Minka Kelly, will take on the role of Jackie. 

Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson: 

Liev Schrieber is set to play President Johnson, but no word yet on who will play his Lady Bird (or even if Lady Bird is featured in the film). 

Who gets the honor of playing Tricky Dick? None other than John Cusack. No Pat to be seen, not yet anyway. 

For this beloved White House duo? Jane Fonda and Alan Rickman. 

The notable couples missing from this line up are the Carters and the Fords. According to IMDB, these White House residents are not in the film. 

What do you think of these choices? Did Hollywood get our presidents right?