Prince Harry Naked Pictures: Why It Is No Big Deal A British Royal is In a Nude Scandal


It’s no secret that British royal Prince Harry of Wales likes to party, but after his crazy Vegas weekend, there are now pictures to prove it.

Just two weeks after stately appearances alongside the Queen and big bro Prince William and his wife, Kate at the London Olympics, Prince Harry decided to let loose for a weekend playing strip billiards in Vegas with some buddies. It appears that one of his female guests took the pictures of the royal sans clothing and covering his, ummm, family jewels on TMZ.

Now that the photos been plastered across the internet, Prince Harry has returned home to face some admonishment for his behavior from both the Queen and his commanding officers. Although some are wondering aloud if the prince is just an embarrassment to the Queen and the rest of the royal family, those criticisms seem a tad too harsh for a young man still in his 20s. This little incident is not the first shocking thing the prince has done, and it may not be last, but that doesn’t mean we should demonize him for having a good time.

In spite (or perhaps, because) of his public missteps, Harry is actually one of the most well-liked royals by the public. People see him as the most relatable; his fun-loving ways makes him seem more down to earth than his prim and proper brother, William.

Let’s not forget that the prince is just that: a prince. The British monarchy is cultural symbol for the country, but it has little authority when it comes to governing the people. Though being a member of the royal family does require a certain amount of restraint and responsibility, knowing that his chances of becoming the next king of England are highly unlikely, what’s there to really stop him from enjoying his youth to the fullest? Regardless, unless Prince Harry decides to renounce his title and just be known as Harry David (yup, he has a last name), he should try to keep his public appearances a little more pc. As a member of the royal family, whether he likes it or not, he does have to maintain some sense of decorum in his public behavior.

That said, if Prince Harry wants to continue to live la vida loca, let him do it; we can have just as much fun watching from the sidelines.