This Viral Reddit Thread Shows How Much We Need to Talk Honestly About Vaginas


If the lips of any vagina could speak, they'd probably tell you, "You think you know, but you have no idea." 

From appearance ("They're all supposed to look the same!") to aroma ("They don't smell good!"), vaginas are often shrouded in myth.

To see just how misunderstood the vagina is, look no further than this viral Reddit thread, in which Reddit user okcookies describes a conversation between a pair of male coworkers she overheard. 

Okcookies says the two dudes traded some outright lies about vaginas, such as "the darker the vag, the more dudes she's been pounded by," and claimed that there's a correlation between labia size and the number of sex partners a woman has had.

Using her personal experience as the owner of a vagina, Okcookies was like, Uhhhh, no. "I've had darker and external labia for as long as I can remember, yet I have zero previous sex partners," she noted.

This isn't the first time Reddit has gotten deep in a discussion of whether or not vaginas are so delicate that they are forever changed by every penis that barges its way into its fragile ecosystem.

"A lot of people seem to be under the impression that a female's anatomy changes drastically with every sexual experience she has. Where is this coming from?" asked redditor fuckingisthebest (of course) two years ago. "I feel like every day someone asks why their girlfriend's pussy isn't as tight as their ex's — even though she's only had sex once in her life! Does this mean she lied? No! Jesus. NO. I don't know her sexual history, nor does it matter. But her anatomy is absolutely no indication of the amount of sex she's had."

Perhaps this kind of judgment and speculation is why some women feel compelled to undergo labiaplasty procedures, in which they get things surgically altered to conform to a tidier, porn-star-like look. Even something like last year's "vagina beauty pageant," which was ostensibly meant to celebrate the diversity of vaginas, ultimately wound up crowning a grand-prize winner that was just as trim and compact as the rest of the finalists. 

But back to that misconception that a woman's sexual history affects her vagina size. Fuckingisthebest's rant eventually prompted a response from Women's Health magazine, in which Lauren Streicher, a gynecology professor at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine, confirmed that vaginas don't magically change shape, size or color just because of intercourse.

"Even the largest penis in the world won't compare to the size of the baby," she told the mag. "So it won't affect the size of the vagina."

Sorry, dudes. While you may be drawn to the idea that your ding-dong has the power to change a woman's anatomy with a single thrust, the fact is that once your P leaves the premises, the V is just gonna go back to doing its own thing. So enough with all the vagiconfusion already.