In Joseph Gordon Levitt, Hollywood Has Found The Next Superstar


Joseph Gordon-Levitt is getting a lot of attention for his upcoming film Premium Rush, coming to theaters this Friday. There are not many actors who could make the role of a bike messenger entertaining, let alone worth the price of a movie ticket, but early reviews of Premium Rush shows that Gordon-Levitt does just that. His potential star power, plus his impressive turns in summer blockbusters like The Dark Knight Rises, illustrate why Gordon-Levitt is being eyed as Hollywood’s next super leading man.

The child actor has grown up in front of the camera and is best known for his role as alien Tommy Solomon on the TV series 3rd Rock From the Sun, as well as other roles in 90s teen movies. Gordon-Levitt, began turning heads when he starred in indie-romance, (500) Days of Summer. He quickly followed that up with Christopher Nolan’s mind-bending hit Inception. And now after his role as John Blake in the latest Batman film, there is talk that he could continue on the saga with his own spin-off as Robin, or the caped crusader himself.

TDKR is still in theaters across the nation, so it is a bit early to predict what the next film will look like. Though that doesn’t stop Hollywood insiders from speculating on how the future of this moneymaking franchise will look. Nolan and his Batman, Christian Bale, have already made it very clear that they are done with the saga. But that hasn’t stopped Warner Bros. or DC Entertainment from thinking of the different ways they can retool the series for the future. 

If, or better yet when, the next Batman is made, Gordon-Levitt has a strong possibility of being involved. Although it would never be match the epic-ness of Bale’s rendition, Levitt does have the acting gravitas to bring something substantial to the character. 

Whether or not he stars in another Batman, for now we can at least we can enjoy Gordon-Levitt biking on the big screen ... along with his other films where he always wows the crowd.