List of Cities Getting UberEats and Why It Makes Other Food Delivery Services Anxious

Carl Court/Getty Images

2016 is expected to see an expansion of Uber from a small California startup into a multifaceted delivery app. Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto and Washington, D.C., will house the company's delivery service UberEats

The company announced on Wednesday it would be expanding its services to several major cities, leading many to believe the transportation service will kill major food delivery services such as Seamless and PostMates.

Carl Court/Getty Images

"Uber is willing to win at any cost, and they have practically limitless capital to do it," Sidecar co-founder and chief executive Sunil Paul wrote. Uber's growing revenue and ubiquity around the world — it operates in 375 cities, according to Men's Journal — means UberEats' prices can stay lower than the competition.

How UberEats works: After submitting an order through the company's original app, a driver will send the food within 40 minutes or less on average, Engadget reported. Uber is also planning on unveiling a new app which will stand-alone from Uber in 2016. To be dated on when it will be released, and in what major cities.

The company is promoting its extensive rollout to new territory with a Twitter account showing off the attractive menu options in cities like Atlanta, San Francisco and New York City.

According to Eater, the company first beta-tested its food delivery system in Toronto, Canada. The company stresses its payment system for UberEats is entirely online — tipping in cash not being necessary. In the FAQ portion of its announcement, the service wrote, "The best way to thank your driver is with a 5-star rating," Men's Journal reported.