Neil deGrasse Tyson Gave BoB a Free Lesson in "Why the Earth Definitely Isn't Flat 101"


Rapper B.o.B. hopped aboard the flat Earth conspiracy bandwagon on Monday, sending out a flurry of tweets insisting we've all been misled about Earth's true form. Plenty of people replied to B.o.B., explaining why his theories were way off, but none with the credentials of astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. 

Tyson got into a Twitter scuffle with B.o.B. after replying to his tweet that questioned why Manhattan's skyline is visible from afar if the Earth is indeed curved and not flat.

Tyson was just getting started, taking on B.o.B.'s theory that Polaris, or the North Star, is visible from the South Pole, proving the Earth is flat. 

Earlier this month, reality television star Tila Tequila took to Twitter with her own uppercase flat Earth rants. Like B.o.B., Tequila also suggested that New York City skyscrapers poked a hole in the scientifically proven belief that the Earth is spherical. On Jan. 6 she tweeted, "Why are all the buildings in NYC standing straight up? If Earth was round then some of the buildings would have a slight tilt. #FlatEarth." Of course, Tequila also later tweeted that she has a robot brain and died in 2012.

In Tyson's other tweets to B.o.B, he pointed out that these misinformed theories only get attention if people like Tequila and B.o.B. give it to them. 

Since B.o.B. wasn't getting in any good punches in on Twitter, he took to the recording studio. Late Monday night, the singer dropped a diss-track, "Flatline feat. Neil Tyson," on Soundcloud.

"Neil Tyson need to loosen up his vest/ They're probably writing that man one hell of a check," B.o.B. raps on the track, which has more than 88,300 plays.

Source: Soundcloud

Tyson has had a lot of practice leading up to this poised take-down of B.o.B. and his theories. The astrophysicist's oft-used rebuttal in the face of those who don't "believe in" things like global warming or evolution applies nicely here: 

"The good thing about science is it's true whether or not you believe in it."

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