Mitt Romney's Speech Last Night: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs


Over the next week, we will watch one of the most quintessential examples of political Americana – a major party convention. We will see as the Republican Party announces to the nation the tone and direction they want to take the country with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan as their standard bearers. 

We shall witness the high and lows– and everything in between– of each moment of this convention as a new breed of Republican talent takes to the national stage. 

There will be excitement, cheers, tears (only if John Boehner speaks) and yes, there will be balloons. Follow my blog as I breakdown bit by bit the events that are about to unfold from the perspective of a Midwestern College Republican.

PolicyMic will be covering all the events and speeches during the Republican National Convention live. For live updates bookmark and refresh this page.


That's all folks. It's been fun but the 2012 RNC is now in the books. Romney and Ryan now go on to battle the Obama-Biden team for the highest offices and honors in the land. Thank you to all who followed along with me on this exciting journey as we heard from several, great new voices in the Republican Party and from the nominee himself. I don't know what tomorrow will bring, but tonight was sure exciting!

11:10PM: Romney salutes Obama's decision but is critical of Obama's foreign policy in regards to his relations with Iran, Russia, Israel and Poland. 

11:07PM: "My promise is to help you and your family." Mitt goes back to the economy after a brief bit for the social conservatives.

11:03PM Romney's Plan to create 12 million jobs: 1. North America will be energy independent 2. New skills and better education for the nation's youth using school vouchers. 3. Reforming trade agreements and keeping trading partners honest. 4. Cut the deficit and balance the budget. 5. Champion small businesses and repealing Obamacare and lowering taxes

11:00PM: Romney touts his business experience and tries to define his success in terms that will be acceptable to the average voter. 

10:52PM: Ann Romney and Condi Rice continue to receive the biggest applauses from the convention

10:50PM: Romney makes his appeal to women by mentioning how he is the first presidential candidate who's mother was a political candidate and other sentimental stories involving his mother

10:45PM: "Our country deserves better"

10:35PM: And here comes the 45th President of the United States Mitt Romney!

10:30PM Rubio invokes Reagan's '76 RNC speech

10:25PM: Rubio made a nice appeal to young and old voters alike

10:23PM: Marco Rubio makes a pretty compelling case about his prospects as the next front-runner for the Republican nomination -either in 2016 or 2020

10:20PM:  Marco Rubio: "This election about a choice of what we want this country to be."

10:15PM: "There is no limit to where I could go because I was an American"

10:10PM: Marco Rubio takes the stage

10:00PM: Clint Eastwood rides into the 2012 RNC

8:30PM: Cathy McMorris Rodgers: "We believe in America." 

8:15PM: Jeb Bush makes an interesting metaphor for school choice by using all the types of milk a consumer can chose from. 

8:10PM Nice touch bringing in the teacher to talk about education quality in the United States

8:00 PM: Jeb Bush tries to endorse Romney while trying not to appear too eager to be a possible candidate for 2016.   


9:45PM: Evidently, it's former rivals night w/ John McCain and Mike Huckabee 

Huckabee: "we can do better."

9:35PM: T-Paw begins to steal the show with a mix of Minnesota nice and raw political jabs. 

9:30PM: Barack Obama is the first President to create more excuses than jobs." T-Paw


9:15PM: Portman concentrates on talking about his wheelhouse– trade and the budget 

9:09PM: Portman: " President's budget received zero votes."

8:15PM: John McCain salutes former rival Mitt Romney. Does a decent job trying to frame Romney in a foreign policy perspective but that edge clearly belongs to the President. P.S. It's John McCain's birthday 

10:00AM: Today, the RNC turns to Congress, libertarians and former rivals of Governor Romney. We will hear from 2008 Republican Nominee Arizona Senator John McCain, a video tribute to Congressman Ron Paul (who will not be speaking at the convention), Senators Rand Paul and Rob Portman. We will also hear from T-Paw and Mike Huckabee, Governor Susana Martinez and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. And the headline will be Vice Presidential Nominee Congressman Paul Ryan. Tonight's Focus will focus on restoring America. 


10:45PM: "Respect over love." Christie has just framed Romney in a new light– you may not like him but he isn't afraid to make the tough decisions. 

10:15PM: Ann Romney makes the GOP's pitch to women – specifically working women and mothers

10:10 PM: Ann Romney's job tonight: try to humanize her husband

9:55 PM: Zell Miller, Joe Lieberman and now...Artur Davis. Dems turned GOP speakers Impressive. Who will be the convert in 2016?

9:36 PM: Ted Cruz speaks without a lectern – sounds more like a history lecture

9:35PM: Santorum did what he does best – weaves social conservatism with economic populism 

9:31 PM : 

“I shook the hand of the American dream and it has a strong grip”

9:30 PM 

“Stop the assault on marriage and family in America today.”   Santorum's bow to the Christian right of the party and a key component of his own run for the White House

9:20 PM  Here comes Rick Santorum...

9:15 PM: Great start to the convention! Theme of the Night Thus Far: Republican Governors talking about using conservative values to turn-around economies. And Kasich's barb against Joe Biden's golf game was priceless. Let's see what the 9PM hour brings

10:15 AM Today is the first working day of the 2012 RNC! Starting at 8PM EST, many up-and-coming GOP leaders will be speaking including New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte, Governors Bob McDonnell (VA), John Kasich (OH), Mary Fallin (OK), Brian Sandoval (NV), Nikki Haley (SC) and of course, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. In primtime, we will see the next First Lady of the United States, Ann Roomney. And the highlight of the night will be the one and only, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie! This should a fun night of full of Obama zingers and one-liners.