Matt Sayles/AP

The Ye and Wiz Twitter Rant Is Producing the Internet's Best Memes

When Kanye West goes nuts on the internet, the internet goes nuts on Kanye West. His tweet storm to rival the chaos of Winter Storm Jonas erupted Wednesday, ignited by a feud with Wiz Khalifa. The genesis of the discord has to do with West's decision to change the name of his seventh studio album from Swish to Waves, a decision he announced in a tweet Tuesday night. Wiz claims ownership over the name "waves," an assertion that clearly didn't sit well with West. 

For a full breakdown of what West said, head here. Within minutes of the feud, a veritable gold mine of reactionary content began to populate the social site. 

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After Twitter calmed down to a degree, West returned to the platform to try and restore a sense of peace. Whether an attempt to regain a sense of normalcy or in a PR damage control, West's pivot from livid to zen was so immediate it seemed less like an authentic statement and more like a scene from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Matt Sayles/AP