50 Shades of Grey Movie Cast: Henry Cavill in Talks to Play Christian Grey


Henry Cavill, the British actor who will have his big break in the summer of 2013 when Christopher Nolan’s Man of Steel premieres, might already be in talks with the producers of the upcoming film adaptation of E.L. James’ controversial novel Fifty Shades of Grey to play the coveted role of S&M business tycoon Christian Grey.

Cavill and producer Michael De Luca reportedly met early July at Luca’s office in Culver City, California, where the actor was promoting Man of Steel at Comic Con in San Diego. Rumors claim Cavill was seen coming in and out of De Luca’s home/office while wearing Christian Grey’s signature plaid shirt and five o’clock shadow.

The British actor has shot to the top of the "Christian Grey sweepstakes" since it was known the star from Showtime’s The Tudors was the inspiration for the fictional and domineering character that has women going gaga around the world. 

Cavill fans point to a 2008 cologne commercial that features “Superman” as a sharply dressed Christian Grey-to be about to board a helicopter emblazoned with a letter “G.” They have also started a Pinterest page, “Henry Cavill (Christian Grey),” where they post pictures of Cavill resembling Grey’s poses and demeanor.

Speculation about who will be cast as Christian Grey in the much anticipated film version of Fifty Shades of Grey has dominated the news through most part of the summer. Ryan Gosling, Ian Sommerhalder and Matt Bomer have been mentioned as potential casts. However, until the advent of Cavill, not one had filled Grey’s shows more perfectly than the "Man of Steel." He is a relative newcomer, which won’t let a big time Hollywood personality (like Gosling) overshadow the character and the film with a larger-than-life celebrity persona. In addition, Cavill – unlike Gosling – is not preceded by a gallant and sensible image that could backfire once the ladies watch their hero performing Christian Grey's S&M signature moves.