The 7 Best Spotify Playlists to Study to

Elaine Thompson/AP

Sometimes having some music playing can really help get into the study zone, whether you're working on a big paper or cramming for an exam. Here are some of our favorite Spotify playlists to put on when we're hitting the books.

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Elaine Thompson/AP

1. "ESM ' Electronic Study Music"

This collection of bouncy electronic music (without lyrics) is perfect for getting pumped up to finally do the homework you've been putting-off for days.

2. "Movie Scores Study"

This playlist includes tracks from the scores of movies like Ratatouille, the Harry Potter series, Big Fish and the Lord of the Rings films, so while you study the music will fill you with inspiration from a million great movies.

3. "Studying With Classical Music"

Classical music has been shown to help lower blood pressure and lessen anxiety — perfect for being productive the night before a big test. This playlist is updated regularly to keep it fresh.

4. "Study Time Starts Now"

This is one of Spotify's official study playlists, and it includes lots of ethereal sounding, relaxing music, mostly without lyrics. It's perfect for getting into the zen-state you need to be in to bang out that 20-page paper.

5. "Ambient Piano: Focus and Study"

This collection of piano pieces is perfect for when you can't afford any distractions from studying — and also when you're feeling sad about how little time you have left to finish your assignments.

6. "Instrumental Study"

The danger of listening to such mellow tunes while you're studying is that you might fall asleep. But sometimes, that's a risk you need to be willing to take.

7. "Epic All-Nighter"

This six-hour playlist is for when you know you need to work all night. It will keep you going through the wee hours... so enjoy that sunrise!