How to Add a Link to Your Instagram


Instagram can be a smart promoting platform if used right — and the first step is learning how to properly employ external links on the popular photo-sharing app. 

The app frustratingly doesn't allow users to paste clickable links on individual Instagram posts. Some speculate it's to protect the app from spam and enhance the user experience. Regardless, if a user wants to share an external, clickable link to their blog, company's website, article, etc., they can paste a link in their bio and guide users to it with a savvy caption.

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Here are three-step instructions on how to share Instagram links in your bio, courtesy of Instagram's help site

1. Go to your profile

Many Instagram accounts will swap out a featured link every few days and encourage users to visit their bio and click on the link with Insta captions that essentially say, "Check out this this food pornographic Instagram of chicken parmesan. Bet you wanna to know how to make that, right? In order to find out, you'll have to visit our bio and click the link for the full recipe."

Some businesses are more optimistic about their audience's proactivity. They just throw a dead link in individual posts and hope users will regurgitate it into ye olde internet search bar themselves (dream big).