Spider Woman, Oracle and 5 Female Comics That Deserve a Movie More Than Wonder Woman


With the marketing for the upcoming Superman movie picking up steam, there has been much discussion of other superheroes that need to see the big screen. 

A lot of fans, disturbed by the scarcity of female superhero movies, have been suggesting a Wonder Woman film, despite the fact that her live-action show was terrible, her recent adaptation died before even starting and she always plays a peripheral character in both DC’s television shows and animated films. 

Granted, it is difficult to steal the show when competing with Superman, Batman, the Flash and the Green Lantern, but the queen has still flubbed every chance she has been given. Therefore, instead of giving her yet another movie, here are five female comics that deserve a film before Wonder Woman.

1. Oracle:


As Barbara Gordon, she was the symbol of innocence her father retreated to when Gotham’s crimes started to pour out from the gutters. As Batgirl, she was the truly witty counterpart to Robin’s pathetic humor and Batman’s cold professionalism. Yet, Oracle transcended out of Batman’s shadow when she became the target of Joker’s sick desire to prove that anyone can be like him after having one really bad day. The horrible acts that the demented clown committed on her left her paralyzed. However, with an eidetic memory and detective capabilities rivaling Batman’s, Oracle became a symbol of strength and conviction, all without ever doing anything except talking and typing. Yet, beneath the calm exterior is a deeply damaged and noticeably bitter person, something that deserves exploration in a proper film. Oscar Moment-Oracle pushing all her loved ones away as she comes to realize that this is a fight she has to face on her own.

2. Spider-Woman:


The woman who proves that Wolverine is not the most wronged individual in the history of comic books. While many swear by the admittedly decent Secret Invasion storyline, Spider-Woman’s most compelling story actually comes afterwards as Jessica Drew attempts to rebuild her life without the aid of her cleaner superhero counterparts. Having to contend with some particularly resilient Skrulls alone, Spider-Woman is the epitome of finding strength within yourself rather than within others. Oscar Moment: The truly depressing monologue of a failed Skrull, who prays that may Jessica’s gods abandon her as his have abandoned him.

3. Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn:


When the man she idolizes abandons her, Harleen Quinzel responds by joining the equally dangerous Poison Ivy for an extended crime spree. Equal parts disturbing and liberating, this is a tale of two women who dare to make their mark in a city where damsels in distress are found in gutters with their throats slit. Oscar Moment: Quinn’s realization that her years of loyal service were wasted on a man who would not think twice before killing her if he thought her death would bring him a good laugh.

4. Ro Rowan:

A troubled teenager with all the wit in the world, Ro was the humanity to the dull mumblings of Zeta, the robot she tried to protect from extermination. With the simple desire of being like any other teenager, Ro was proof that the most important quality in a friend is not wisdom but loyalty, even though she had plenty of both. Oscar Moment: Ro explains to Zeta why a butterfly is more than just an insect of the order Lepidoptera.

5. Jubilee:


Once little more than Wolverine’s sidekick, Jubilee witnessed horrors that would have permanently damaged any teenager and, in some ways, was not any different. Be it her feeling of guilt towards her adoptive parents, her inability to embrace any home as her own or her compulsive need to kill after her transformation into a vampire, Jubilee can be easily sympathized with, if not necessarily liked. Oscar Moment: When Jubilee realizes that the best thing for her to do is to leave the only home she has ever called her own because her presence only harms the people nice enough to help her.

So there you have it; certainly more compelling than a woman who ties men up and whips them until they speak the truth. Actually, on second thought, the Wonder Woman movie would be better.