Ron Paul Would Make for a Better Republican President Than Mitt Romney


Following the RNC-Romney power grab, Ron Paul delegates are set to hold a press conference hours before Mitt Romney's nominee acceptance speech. What do they hope to get accomplished? Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush and more tonight. Follow along for live updates!

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8/30, 10:51 PM: Nope, too boring. Romney talking about himself and his wife, their history, etc. This country is gone! 

8/30, 10:39 PM: "Freedom to speak their minds", unless they're delegates not approved by the RNC.

8/30, 10:37 PM: "Mr. Chairman and delegates, I accept your nomination." Enjoy the wars and economic collapse America. 

8/30, 10:34 PM: Mitt Romney walking down the aisle. More empty rhetoric to follow.

8/30, 10:31 PM: This sensational nationalism from Rubio is getting dull. We Are America! We Are Great! Romney is gonna lead us to freedom? With NDAA? 

8/30, 10:19 PM: Rubio: "We are blessed" to have Mitt Romney. Full civic religion worship mode now. 

8/30, 10:03 PM: Clint Eastwood takes the stage! Mocks US foreign policy in Afghanistan.

8/30, 6:18 PM: "What makes you think the Republican party will work with you?", asks Luke Rudowski. Texas delegate: "We are the Republican party." Crowd goes crazy.

8/30, 6:15 PM: Delegate from Texas repeats the list of grievances in Spanish. I'm impressed.

8/30, 6:10 PM: Follow along. Not all these delegates are Ron Paul delegates...

8/30, 6:07 PM: Grassroots member, "This will cause Mitt Romney to lose the election."

8/30, 6:04 PM: "Mainers should be electing Mainers," says a young Ron Paul delegate from Maine. Crowd erupts in support of the delegates.

8/30, 6:02 PM: Delegates from Texas list grievances with the RNC. 

8/30, 6:00 PM: Delegates open their press conference exposing the RNC corruption. (See below)

8/29, 11:16 PM: Invading other nations for 'democracy' has worked so well, maybe we should declare war on America -- where democracy and the rule of law doesn't exist. Remember the Maine!

8/29, 11:02 PM: "We can do this!" Paul Ryan fires up the crowd. How will Romney & Ryan handle the impending economic crisis?

8/29, 10:42 PM: "Like a ship trying to sail on yesterday's winds." Ron Paul's speeches lack the silver tongue deception; instead the good doctor gives the best medicine: the truth

8/29 10:40 PM: Paul Ryan condemns cronies but supported TARP and much more.

8/29, 10:36 PM: Ryan wants to balance the budget by the time I'm 50. Pretty sure there will be a currency crisis before I'm 30. 

8/29, 10:14 PM: "A beacon for liberty and prosperity." What country is Rice talking about? The same country where Marine veteran Brandon Raub gets indefinitely detained for his Facebook posts. The same country that is $16 trillion in debt and on the verge of the biggest financial collapse in American history. 

8/29, 10:00 PM: "There is no choice." America must lead. Even if it leads to bankruptcy. Ron Paul's foreign policy would lead by example; not borrowing money to fight wars for the military industrial complex. 

8/29, 9:57 PM: "The desire of liberty and freedom is universal," says Condoleezza Rice. That's why they're setting up a police state. "Where does America stand? We stand for free people and free markets" -- Are you kidding me?!?!

8/29, 9:40 PM: Pawlenty tells us how he really feels about Mitt Romney. "We need Mitt Romney now more than ever." 

8/29, 9:35 PM: Tim Pawlenty's masterful comedic routine in full effect tonight, "Barack Obama has failed us, but look it's understandable -- a lot of people fail at their first job."

8/29, 9:30PM: Just a reminder of the GOP corruption. Duly elected Maine delegates replaced by handpicked RNC delegates. 

8/29, 9:07 PM: China manipulates their currency? That's the American way! End the Fed. 

8/29, 9:00 PM: Sen. Rob Portman is lucky to have missed out on the VP nod. Who wants to go down with a sinking ship? 

8/29, 8:45 PM: Good for them. "Tonight's walkout included not just delegates from Maine, but from Texas, Oregon, Oklahoma, Nevada, Iowa, and Massachusetts. Roughly 50 people joined the protest."

8/29, 8:31 PM: 'Unaffordable Care Act,' says Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi. Replace it with Romneycare right? And LOL @ "troops fighting for our freedoms." 

8/29, 8:25 PM: Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers delivers the 'We Can Change It' theme to the unenthusiastic crowd. Non-Paulians at the RNC would rather be bombing Iran and borrowing money from China instead of engaging in critical thought. 

8/29, 8:15 PM: John McCain provides the war hawk rhetoric instead of the usual anti-Obama speech. Romney loves Israel video follows. Imagine that! War propaganda followed by an endorsement of Israel. AIPAC has America by the balls. 

8/29, 8:10 PM: Syria war propaganda from McCain. Both Libya and Syrian 'revolutions' were backed by western intelligence agencies. Are we supporting Al-Qaeda?

8/29, 8:07 PM: Did you know John McCain tried to make a arms deal with Libya's Gaddafi before advocating his overthrow? Along with McCain was Lindsey 'The Homeland is the Battlefield' Graham and Joe Libermann. Here's those three dbags advocating the NDAA:

8/29, 7:55 PM: Bushes endorse Mitt Romney. Of course. 

8/29, 7:50 PM: The lighter side of the mass murdering Bush family. How Republican. 

8/29, 7:44 PM: Rand believes Gov. Mitt Romney is the man for the job. Nevermind his near identical positions to Obama. NDAA, drug war, TSA, Keynesian fallacies, Goldman Sachs, etc. 

8/29, 7:42 PM: "We must never, ever trade our liberty for any fleeting promise of security." - Rand

8/29, 7:36 PM: Rand mentioning his father gets a response from those delegates who aren't programmed by mainstream media and American exceptionalism. Best RNC speech so far. 

8/29, 7:29 PM: Rand starts out with Obamacare. He is not his father. "The whole damn thing is still unconstitutional!"

8/29, 7:17 PM: McConnell Obama/PGA Tour joke falls on deaf (literally) ears. Awkward moments at the RNC!

8/29, 7:13 PM: Mitch McConnell intro music ..Tom Sawyer by Rush?? I don't think so. Leave Rush out of this corrupt convention. Here, enjoy some Rush.

8/29, 7:10 PM: Ron Paul tribute video! Will the RNC crowd have a change of heart?

8/29, 7:02 PM: Did you know the Pledge of Allegiance was written by a ...socialist? All hail the divine State! 

8/28, 10:34 PM: Gov. Chris Christie supports Mitt, not enough to lose his day job

8/28, 10:17 PM: Ann Romney feels your pain. Grocery lists, price at the pump, etc. Romneys have it tough, ya know?  

8/28, 10:11 PM: Ann Romney takes the stage to tell us the softer side of Mitt. Not the side that endorses the NDAA or the war againt medicinal marijuana. 

8/28, 9:46 PM: Ted Cruz: "Can we restore the Constitution?" RNC crowd : "Yes, We Can!"

8/28, 9:35 PM: Santorum speech about hands -  then endorses the guy he once called the worst Republican to put up against Obama.

8/28, 9:20 PM: Rick Santorum takes the stage to tell us how badly we need to bomb Iran and ban pornography. 

8/28, 8:50 PM:  Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell continues the 'You did build that' theme. The sleepy GOP crowd is convinced that it is the role of the President to manage the economy. 

8/28, 8:40 PM: Yaaaaaawn. RNC continues pushing jobs, jobs, and jobs. Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin promises utopia under Romney. "Mitt Romney believes in the power of the people." As long as those people are from Goldman Sachs and the crony RNC.

8/28, 7:35 PM: Lee Greenwood is rolling in his grave. Wait, he isn't dead? My fault. God Bless the U.S.A.!!!


8/28, 7:20 PM: RNC Chairman Priebus, obviously exhausted from coordinating massive fraud all day. 

8/287:17 PM: Boehner gets the Pavlovian response he wants using the 'We did build it' rhetoric. It only took two minutes!

8/28, 7:15 PM: GOP rejects common sense, nominating Mitt Romney with 2061 delegate votes over Ron Paul with 190. John Boehner opens up by attacking Obama. How predictable.