Max B's Response to Kanye Naming His Album 'Waves' Shows Wiz Khalifa Beef Was Pointless

Wiz Khalifa made a big stink on Twitter last week about Kanye West jocking jailed rapper Max B by changing his forthcoming album name to Waves — but it turns out Max B, who's weighed in from prison, doesn't have a problem with the name. On the contrary, he's flattered. 

"It's all love," Max B told New York City radio station WWPR on Wednesday in a phone interview from prison. "I appreciate it. I'm flattered that dudes is even acknowledging the situation," he said, according to Complex. Max B, whose real name is Charly Wingate, is known for starting the "wave" movement with his chill persona and rap music. 

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"Please don't take the 'wave,'" Khalifa tweeted Jan. 26 after West announced he was changing his highly anticipated album's name. "Max B is the wavy one. He created the wave. There is no wave without him." 

But Max B just appreciates West for spreading the movement "Everybody know I'm an innovator. Everybody know I got imagination. I come up with these words and these slogans and these catchphrases and it's all good when the people follow suit. I like Kanye, I appreciate it. I love it, thank you," he told WWPR.

He also said he appreciates Wiz too for backing him up, despite it being absolutely unnecessary. "Wiz good people," he said. "I never met Wiz neither, but he good people."

Wiz took a lot of heat for Max B when West fired back with a series of tweets (now deleted) ripping Wiz and his music, but Khalifa told WWPR's Angie Martinez that West apologized and the two are good now, TMZ reported.