What Is This Republican Tweet Even Trying to Say About Black History Month?


For those looking to celebrate Black History Month, the options are endless: post a quote from a famous black person, read a book by a black author, learn more about black history. Or, send a gibberish tweet. 

The House Republicans sent out this Black History Month tweet: 

Pretty innocuous, until you see that this vague tweet actually replaced an earlier tweet that was deleted. 

Hey, we all have a typo here and there, so let's not overreact, but both of these tweets seem to be lacking any keywords that, besides that hashtag, would indicate that this is a tweet sent out to acknowledge the reality of black people's contributions to American history and how Black History Month hopes to observe and celebrate that history to keep it alive. 

Twitter users responded with ideas for better tweets, as well as betters ways for the House GOP to observe Black History Month. 

And, finally, this mic drop of all mic drops.

The House Republicans got it together to send out a coherent tweet for civil rights crusader Rosa Parks' birthday. 

Given how relatively short Black History Month is, the House Republicans only have a few weeks to get it together and send a grammatically well-constructed, black history-conscious tweet. But we all know it might take this Congress a long time to decide exactly what the next tweet should say.