Wiz Khalifa "City View" Lyrics and Meaning: Wiz Takes Aim at Haters in New Song

Andy Kropa/AP

"This shit ain't as easy as it looks nigga/ It's way fuckin' easier," Khalifa raps in the first line of "City View," one of the 11 tracks off his fourth studio LP out Friday, featuring Taylor Gang Records' Courtney Noelle. Judging from the song's lyrics, this track is most definitely dedicated to his haters. 

"And these niggas keep hating me," Khalifa raps in the first verse. "But I'm just gonna keep stackin' up/ No one thing I'll never change/ I talk shit but I back it up/ You niggas don't go hard as me/ So why the fuck you mad at us." The rest of the song is essentially a "haters make me famous" anthem flaunting money and success in his enemies' faces. 

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Andy Kropa/AP

Here are the song's full lyrics, courtesy of Genius:

[Intro: Wiz Khalifa] 

The entire album is available to stream on Spotify and download on iTunes for $9.99.