Twitter Is Celebrating Olivia Caridi Getting Cut From 'The Bachelor' Monday Night


It was a long, dramatic and particularly confusing night on ABC's The Bachelor Monday. Ben and the remaining contestants traveled to the Bahamas, where Ben spent some one-on-one time with Caila, who confused the hell out of viewers with a rant about love and flaws. 

However, the real drama came with all of the unexpected announcements of contestants being sent home early. There was Leah, who tried coordinating Lauren B.'s demise by secretly approaching Ben to gossip about the other woman — a move which caused Ben to immediately send her packing. There was Lauren H., who was sent home in tears by limo while hysterically saying, "I just want somebody to get me and to want me," People noted. So sad. 

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But the real jaw-dropping moment came when Olivia Caridi went to a private island with Ben and Emily for a two-on-one date — because everyone's been on a casual three-person date on an island, right? — where the outcast contestant was surprisingly eliminated. According to People, Caridi said on Monday night's episode: "I like reading books in my room, and, you know, thinking," and "I want to talk smart things." Ben ultimately realized he didn't feel the same way about the former local anchorwoman.

Not only was Olivia eliminated after thinking she was being handed a rose by the bachelor, which allowed for some incredibly candid facial reactions from the contestant, but she was left on the island as Ben and Emily took off on their speedboat. Somehow, ABC managed to capture aerial footage of a crying and deserted Olivia, which is arguably one of the funniest moments in all of The Bachelor's history. 

Twitter was certainly celebrating a riveting night for the reality romance TV show:

Even better, Caridi's Bachelor rejection came in the middle of a tropical storm on the island she was visiting with Ben and Emily. Twitter users seemed to think it was Mother Nature's way of balancing the scale:

Meanwhile, others thought they might have spotted her taking off from the island in another boat:

Whereas the rest of audiences were left wondering what Caridi's career would look like from this point on:

It's been a wild ride, Caridi.